That's me, tackling the aptly named "onion brick" during meat week in Washington, DC. I got my undergraduate degree there, at American University. After graduating from American with a BA in Philosophy, I worked at the local NPR station, WAMU, where I did IT and co-hosted a Bluegrass show (for a little while). While working in IT I started doing a little software development. It was mostly consisted scripts to automate things around the network, and small Java programs to interact with the station's automation system. During my last couple of years, I also began a small freelance web-site development business. Between the Java development at work, and the freelance web development, I began to realize my passion for software engineering, which motivated me to return to graduate school to get a "proper" education in computer science.

Graduate school brought me to Colorado, which is much more conducive to my skiing addiction. I'm studying Computer Science at the School of Mines, and will be graduating with an MS in May. I'm hoping to do Ruby development when I graduate, since Ruby is such a pleasant language to code in, and my personal favorite. To see some of the work I've done in Ruby, check out my Ruby section. If you would like to talk to me about a Ruby job, please let me know .

When not working or in school, I like to play in the mountains. My favorite activity is skiing, and I've been a member of the National Ski Patrol for 4 years. When I moved out here, I transfered to the Loveland patrol. I also enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, and generally being outside. Music is another huge passion of mine, and I especially enjoy when it's live.