Before going back to graduate school, I started doing a little freelance web development in PHP. I mainly worked with the Magento and Drupal platforms. Below is a sample of some my work that's still in production.


Magento is a great eCommerce platform, and was what I used for any eCommerce project I had. One thing I really like about Magento is the vibrant community. As a result, it was easy to find contractors who could take over managing and developing the sites after I went back to school. Here are a couple sites I developed using Magento:

Know You Know Media

Other Power


I am currently working on a CMS for the CA-STEM program at the Colorado School of Mines. I am using Drupal to provide a site that will be a complete overhaul of their public-facing and internal sites. The function of this site will be to provide information about the program as well as easy access to lesson-plans uploaded by the fellows. As soon as the site is launched, I will provide a link to it here.